Swap NFTs for Better Prices!

The history of NFTs has shown that a very small percentage of NFTs stay relevant over time, with most NFTs losing their value after a few months. NFTs quickly become illiquid and therefore holder can't sell.

Using NFTSwaps, any one can deposit their NFT to the NFTSwaps required pool and obtain BEP20 token derivatives that can be exchanged directly on PancakeSwap and BakerySwap from the NFTSwaps UI.




Convert your NFTs to BEP20 equivalents.


Better Prices

Get better prices for your NFTs.


More Liquidity

Creators can access deeper liquidity.


Fast Swaps

Faster NFT swaps with no Time Delay.

How It Works



  • Multichain Implementation
  • Continuous Innovation
  • On-boarding users
  • More Partnership and
  • Marketing


  • NFTSwap Dex Launch
  • NFT Pad Platform launch
  • Buy Back and Burn
  • Research multi-chain deployment
  • Marketing and Partnerships
  • Artist onboarding and Partnership
  • creation


  • Community Raise
  • Pancakeswap listing
  • Liquidity lock for 6 months
  • User Onboarding
  • Exchange and wallet Listing


  • Concept Research and Idea
  • Project brainstorming
  • Team formation
  • Tokenomics and Platform
  • design

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NFTSwaps is a Non-Fungible to Fungible Swap platform. NFTSwaps Platform V1.01, allows users to tokenize their NFT Assets (NFTs - Bep20 tokens) as long as these NFT Assets are listed on NFTSwaps. These tokens (Bep20) are tradeable on PancakeSwap using the NFTSwaps UI.

Users don't need to leave the NFTSwaps UI to trade their NFT BEP20 Derivatives on PancakeSwap and BakerySwap, but there is a 1% fees on all trades and it includes the AMM Normal fees.

NFT BEP20 Derivatives are the BEP20 Token representation of any NFT listed in the NFTSwaps Assets pool. They usually posses a token ticker of this format - (NFTname(SuffixX)).

NFTSwaps is a product of Blockchain4Africa Limited. The company is created to provide e-commerce services, Internet Marketing, ICT, and blockchain-based services. The Blockchain4africa team has been active in multiple projects in the Blockchain industry and have extensive experience with DAPP development. Our team is composed of multiple blockchain experts from all around the world focused and dedicated to bringing you a transparent and provably fair blockchain-based decentralized platform.